go6502 will soon disappear from the Internet! I have received notice that GeoCities is closing forever in October. I have no plans to re-open the site elsewhere. All my Commodore and Apple friends are invited to contact me by instant messenger and email. Scroll to the bottom of this page for my contact information.

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New home: LT. KERNAL HARD DRIVE  All about the Lt. Kernal (LTK) SCSI Hard Drive system for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers (Written by eBay's 94Bravo)
IIgs Quick Start This short guide should be enough to get you started with the Apple IIgs
Commodore - PC File Transfers How to download games from the internet and get them to your Commodore or to upload games from your Commodore to the internet
Commodore Tricks and Tips Fascinating bits of Commodore arcana
6502 Machine Language An overview of the 6502 processor and how to program it
PAL vs NTSC C-64 What are the differences between European and US C-64s and what can be done about it? AKA - "Why won't this damn demo work?!?"
How-To Koala Paint Express your artistic side with this simple and enjoyable program
Commodore 64 Programming Lot's of folks ask for help learning to program. Seek here and ye shall find
CMDrKey Homebase A visual tour of Maurice Randall's new facility where he manufactures Commodore hardware
C-One Details The current technical specs, a photo of the PCB and some useful links
CMD Native Partitions A technical overview of the NATV partition layout
6510 Banking Some of my observations about the often misunderstood $0001
6502 Awards Important people in computer history
My Computers Check out some of my classic computer systems
Commodore Downloads Kewl stuff fer yer Commie :-)
Commodore Linx Links to some choice Commodore resources on the web
Apple II <> PC File Transfers How to move stuff from your Apple to a PC computer
Apple II Linx Your connection to the Apple II matrix
Apple II Computers and components


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Get yer floppy disks here! For those hard-to-find floppy diskettes try one of these fine stores. 5.25 inch , 3.5 inch and even 8 inch disk sizes, Double-Density as well as High-Density
The official 5.25" disk sleeve archive! A monument to the creativity of software publishers past :)
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