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Welcome to White Flame's Sorely Underupdated web space. Now with a new look and fortified with 11 essential nutrients! Content and Eternal Construction live together in peace and harmony.

I've been quite busy outside of the C64 area, both professionally and in personal projects, however, I've pruned back some obligations and have resumed work on Sox! :-) I resolved the memory issue that I had (by switching from an allocation/deallocation to a pooling methodology), and it's beginning to get on track again. It's still a long way off from even a technology demo, though.

Remember to access my site from fly.to/theflame instead of www.geocities.com/white-flame, (or whatever Yahoo/Geocities' current configuration is) in case I move, which I am highly considering. My public e-mail address is whiteflame52 at yahoo dot com.

Commodore 64
White Flame Page of Learning 11/20/98
Introductions and examples to many different algorithms lie here.
Scratchpad 10/18/99
Some Commodore 64 projects that I'm working on. This is the official home of WFDis and VicSim, and the most active page on this site.

- WFDis - Intelligent Disassembler
- VicSim - VIC-II Libraries for QB/DJGPP
- SoftMMU - Memory expansion support for LUnix
- Sox - GUI for LUnix

Commodore 64 Super Reference 05/24/99
In its infancy.
Guitar Tab
Songs by Bride:
- Heroes (Live to Die)
The Biggest Hit Counter in the World!!!!
(Windoze only. 1,025,668 bytes)
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