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Welcome to eighty eight by thirty one, my home for icons for a particular size.

Please note: If you use any of these icons, please copy them to your server first.

It's all Netscape's fault.

Netscape, for those of you who have been living in a bubble or don't have graphical web access, started it all, with their "Netscape Now!" buttons. Other people started making their own buttons, using the same style but substituting their own graphics and text. (Many of them kept the "Now!" lettering, as that's part of the joke.) And there are some who have adopted the dimensions but have completely reinterpeted the button.

(blank88.gif) Most of the ones I've created have taken the middle ground. I use the basic shape, with the bezel-edge effect, and I'll decorate the top. Often I'll put a graphic on the left-hand side, but not always.

width=88 height=31

One minor improvement that needs to be done to a lot of web pages is putting in width/height tags on all the graphics. So if you're going to use any of the ones on these pages, please remember to put width=88 height=31 as part of the IMG tag!

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