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Welcome to my Web site!

This website contains many information and links about on two of my favorite subjects: sciences (everything from human sciences to the great outdoor natures) and anthropology. Please click on the buttons on your left and join me on the adventures of curiosity unbound!!!

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Sciences This page contains many links to the human sciences. From there you can gather the lastest break-throughs and information about the medical science field. More interested in nature? I also have links for people who are interested in the great outdoors (like caving!).


tanganim.gif (40387 bytes)This page contains a special feature on the history and dynasties of ancient China. Learn all about the history and cultures of Chinese!

Coming soon: Maori -- people of New Zealand.

Did someone say fun?! I have also created the fun page. It contains all of my favorites on comics, musics, trivia, and other amusements.....

This page was last updated on 03/1/00.

Any comments about this site? Since I am only a beginner in web-construction, let me know if you have any improvment suggestions.

This Page is heavily under constructions, come back often to check out the new additions!! Thanks!!

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