Hello and welcome to my home at WestHollywood. I do hope you enjoy your stay here. Bear with me, eventually this page will be complete in all its glory.Oh, who am I kidding -- we all know webpages are never actually finished =;-)
And for now, this page must undergo a complete makeover so to speak. Have not updated in so long and now Yahoo is threatening me that I need to or they will delete the page *haha* so I guess it is the time to do so.So for now it is of course under Construction. And probably always will be.


Well, if you want to meet some of the people that have meant a lot to me, you too can enter the WestHollywood chat room from here. Just type in the name you want to use and there you go =:-) -- Well you used to be able to until Yahoo took over Geocities and f-ed it up !

So, now you should try out the Advoacte Forum chat room. Some of the people from WestHollywood have come here to chat. It does require registration but it is totally free, so why not ? =;-)
If you already have a registered name at Advocate you can enter the room at the link below. You can even use a different name than the one you registered.
That was all made possible by my good buddy Skin/Nono
He told me the code to use. It is used with his permission and my gratitiude to him for giving it to me :-)

If you have not registered at The Advocate, you can get your FREE membership. Just click here and be whisked away to the Advocate registration page. Be sure to com back though =;-)

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Chat Name:

Until then, feel free to email me at [email protected]