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The Stables Ministries

I have a powerful message to reach out to the world in Christ Jesus. Through a growing network of churches, Christian organizations, and individual Christians that are joining The Stables Ministries' world ministry to create a Christ based, Gospel based outreach anywhere in the world.                                                                                                  
My challenge goes out to all pastors and ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ. You have an awesome responsibility. Don't take it lightly. Don't reject those that God will be sending to you in the coming days. Take the first steps seek out those with this message and adapt to this Last Days' move of God.

Join The Stables Ministry and/or prepare your church to receive those that the new style "prophets and ministers" being sent by God will bring into the fold and need a church home.

Pastors and others that want to know if gay is really sin or not go beyond arguments one side against the other, go beyond banning gays from telling their side of the story and giving their testimonies in your church. Get God involved. God will move in behalf of gays in your sight. Gone are the days that you can expect no intervention of God on behalf of those you condemn. You can invite gays in to hear them give their testimonies and you can invite gay ministers in to teach you Facts you just are not hearing up to now. You can even go a step further and take up my challenge (link above) this will guarantee results gay is not sin. Pastors Contact me to make arrangements for me to speak to your people I have a very fair challenge giving you the advantage. Miracles will happen.

Christians with your help I can go to confront those the condemn gays and also move out in America and around the world to reach many for Christ and heal their physical bodies too. My ministries is more than the limited topics on my Television programs. It is more than answers to serious controversial questions. But it is also very clear about some tough issues in the Church with a powerful message to pastors every where that they may not want to here. Be a part of these exciting times as God begins to move in ways that HE said he would move as OUR DAY arrives.

A Great shaking is coming and Christian everywhere need to wake up and NOW is the time to wake them up.

The Stables Ministries' founder has a Pentecostal based faith (see Acts chapter 2) and believes a mighty move of God will follow as  miracle healings and  other gifts of the Spirit are in operation. Also, operates in authority of the Lord Jesus Christ which may not go well with a disobedient Church (Leviticus 26 4th level of disobedience).

Lets do it!

The Stables Ministries
(Home of "Gays For Jesus"
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Straights and gays and all people Welcome

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Gay is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight

You are a Last Days' Christian this means you will be part of the second return of Jesus Christ. Coming soon is the great spanking of the Church, no Christian will be untouched.

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Love Gift

Jesus is Lord

                                    Remember, "Gays is not sin and Jesus is not asking the gay person to change and be straight"
                        God Bless You
                                   In Christ Jesus

Jesus is Lord Son of God. KJV is the only readily available Bible that can be called the Word of God. All others (modern versions) are satan counterfeit bibles.
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