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I'm a 34 year old, Swiss GWM, 5'10''(178cm), 158 (72kg)
looking for a GWM-top for live action

I'm going for following flags:
Right: Navy Blue, Air Force Blue, Red,
You must know these codes yourself Mustard, Gold, Gray, White Lace
Left: Brown Lace
Left & Right: Black&White Check, Paisley

My hometown is there

Party Don't miss the Big Party from
July 6th - 8th 2007

Streetparade every year but not less special! Streetparade from
August 5th - 7th 2005

Fly Unfortunately the United
States is so far: to get there
I use this Airline-Alliance

Catch me online, talk to
meon one of the Swiss-Chat's!

Besides Music I love Musicals. One of the best ones is this. Unfortunately it doesn't play anymore but check the Websites for new performances

My Pic

With music is live much easier: my favorite band are some of the few good stuff from "monkeyisland" besides some other music

To send me a MSG now,
just click here

When I'm not listening to music, then for sure the TV is on: best with my favorite series

Wheels are fun, they take me off and away: my car has four wheels

On Oct. 12 1998 was life taken away from a young proud man - Matthew Shepard. I would like to express my deepest sympathy with his Family, Relatives and Friends.

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