Mission Statement

 The Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Alamo Empire is a volunteer 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the betterment of the San Antonio community through direct assistance to any city non-profit agency that assists those living with a life-threatening illness.  While our primary focus is on individuals diagnosed with AIDS and HIV disease, our reach into the community touches on a broader range of issues that affects the population as a whole.

 It is our firm belief that only through active personal interventions can a better tomorrow be forged and ensured for everyone.  Thus, under that fundamental premise, our commitment incorporates a proactive approach not only to assist but also to educate the community as a whole with the sole intent of creating a more informed, aware, and healthier citizenship.


Reign XIV

His Most Royal, Sovereign, and Imperial Majesty
The Naked Bad Boy of the South
The Rainbow Gemini Emperor

Emperor XIV Michael R

Her Most Royal, Sovereign, and Imperial Majesty
The Heavenly Purveyor of Life, Love, and Laughter
Spiritual Guardian of Moon Dreams and Sun Beams
The Treasure at the End of the Rainbow
The Enchanting Rainbow Empress

Empress XIV Angelica Fontaine Pe'Vey


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