Michael A. Eversoll
Hi. Let me tell you about myself. II like to eat. Sometimes I drink. Often times I even sleep! And then in between all of those, I'll need to go to visit the bathroom. Most of the time I do all of those, practically everyday! And sometimes I do things with other people. I used to go to school, but now I work.  My favorite color is black and red. :)
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My hobbies and interests include traveling in foreign countries,  catching butterflies, pushing pixels, building sandcastles, playing online games, people-watching, and driving excessively over the speed limit.
Most of my friends live world-wide. I have friends in Seattle all the way over in Berlin, Germany.

All whom I have met on the internet. IRC, AOL, AIM, ICQ... Yeah.

I have my biological family, and also a family that I have created out of neccessity.  My dad lives in Southern California with my youngest sister, my mother lives in Europe with the oldest sister. I am, however the oldest child.

My partner (Oh, Yeah. I'm uh, gay.) is the main focus in my life, along with our two "children" Barnipuss and Lucille.