Welcome To My PleasureDome !

It is a great pleasure to have you visit me here. How in the world of this huge and dazzling cyberspace where one can go to any web page without any intention ? I am very happy to see you and would like to welcome you to enter my PleasureDome !

Ben in Boston, MA

I am a very simple person with a very optimistic attitude. Here is my personal information :

Name : Virakij 'Ben' Lothongphet

Age : 27

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Career : Marketing / IT business

Education : Master of Business Administration, National University, CA, USA.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial Design, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Likes : Live Music, Travel, the Web, Working Out, Karaoke, Romance ?, etc.

Listen : All kinds from British 80's to Jazz, from New Age to Thai Pop, from Reggae to Alternative. etc.

Read : The Nation, METRO, Popular Science, L'Archive, Out, Lonely Planet books !

Visited : Kathmandu, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, etc.

Is it a little boring to digest all this ? Is it a good idea we do some interactive ???

This page is always under construction. Please email me at [email protected] for suggestions and comments.