This is my first venture into the realm of the personal website. So the first I should do is introduce myself. My name is Paul Wilson and I live in Martinsville, Illinois. (USA). There is no link here since the town has a population of only 1200 and I don't think anyone has gotten around to putting anything on the web. Like most of my family, I was born in Illinois, in the city of Paris on Sepember 21, 1963. I was the youngest of 5 kids growing up, and now there are 6 of us. The oldest one just showed up a few years ago. Er, What? Gary is the son of my father from a previous marriage. My father didn't know about him, dad was a Marine and so I grew up moving around alot. When dad retired from the Corp, he got a job with Sikorsky Aircraft and we moved to Malaysia where I graduated high school.

In 1983 I got a job as a flight attendant for Continental Airlines. Things were pretty tough for many years, but it is all looking up now. We seem to be doing well and I hope it keeps up. I'm an avid country music fan, and that is about all I listen to, though I do put on other types of music when the mood hits. I really like working out in the yard. Every spring it is great to get out in the yard and tend to the plants and see what survived the usually cold winter.

I am currently still single, and looking. Maybe too hard. But I'm sure one day the right man will come along.

Here's Some Of My Favourite Links

Random Sillyness
Sites that do stuff
Pictures of modern jetliners
Bear Roulette

Well, this is a little about me. If there is more about me you like to know, or just want to Email me, feel free to do so. I like getting mail.

I'd like to add a special thanks to my friend Greg Fogarty (an Australian) who took all the info I sent him and put this thing together. Thanks Greg.

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