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Shannon's TG Home page

My Story, "A Journey of Discovery"


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Shannon, A TS,

Facing an Uncetrain Future

My Bio

I am a 52 year old transgendered male, a ( MTF ) transsexual.

I was born a male in 1945.

I weigh 150 Lbs, am 5'6" tall, with brown hair and eyes.

I was married for 20 years have been divorced 6 years.

I have three beautiful and wounderful children, A son 29, a daugther 18, and a son of 14.

I have been in counseling for six years and was diagnosed as a transsexual in December of of 1996.

My Story, "A Journey of Discovery"

This heading is still Under construction.

The Future?

I know I face an uncertain future. My spirit is strong and my course seems clear. I wish to pursue my future as a woman and under go the necessary changes in physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes. Time, age, finances, and unforseen circumstances all may conspire to thwart these changes, but with, faith, prayer, and the help and support of friends and family I have a faith that I will reach my goal. Life is not easy and the journey a TS faces is frought with losses and gains not measured in little events but in major losses and gains. As a father and parent I am torn between those needs that are burning from deep within my very soul, but must temper all with that I may do or dream with the responsibilities and commitments of a parents love.

A Warm Thank You!!!

The Journey I face as well as all the joys and pains it entails would not be possible or bearable without the help, support, and love of some very special people. I want each and every person that I know to realize that they are all a part of me and what makes me able to face and grow towards my tomorrow. I would however like to say a special thanks to some girls that helped, loved and guided me thus far. My therapist: Terry, Antoinette, Kim, Akasaha, Serina, Toni, JJ, Bethany, Sandi, Janet, Rich, Fred, Bill and a host of others too numerous to mention. I want all to know it is your love that sustains me, your understanding that bouyes me, and your advice that helps guide me down an Uncetrain past to a new future. I truly love you each and every one.

Without you I would not be today!!!.


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