Gigi's New York City Lesbian Guide

This website, still in its infancy, is a guide for lesbians living or visiting New York City. I've noticed that web info for the lesbian nightlife (at least in NYC) is limited and not regularly updated.

That's why I have made it my mission in life to write this guide. This means I'll have to sacrifice my life by going to all of these lesbian bars & clubs. I don't how I'll survive ;-)

My (very premature) list of NYC Bars & Clubs

Here are a few MUGS (My Usual Gay Sites):


Hersite (formerly Whistle Stop Cafe)

WebPost Gay/Lesbian Bar Guide

Papermag:Girl Guide



Well, that's it for now. Eventually I'll have more NYC lesbian updates, links and info!

Stay close and visit often.

Love, Gigi!

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