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to the homepage of Pete Atkinson a mathematics ex-teacher living in the UK.

This sketch of me was drawn by one of the kids I taught but, be assured I am really trying to give up smoking and I don't look anything like this mean. I live in a medium sized town, Northampton, which is mid way between London and Birmingham. I worked in a rural secondary school in Warwickshire and taught up pre-university level. For those of you who may wish to send me birthday goodies my date of birth is 17th January 1949. Well it's got to worth a try. I include cycling, walking and orienteering among my interests, so why don't you check them out.

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The Early Years

Well, even way back in primary school days I seem to remember I was more interested in what the other boys had in their trousers than what the girls had under their skirts, so I guess I have always been gay. I was a bit of a thicky in those days and entered secondary school, not only as having failed to get into grammar school, but also carrying the label "remedial" with me. I was immediately put into the C stream and decided there and then that I was going to prove the bastards wrong. In my first year I managed to get moved up into the A stream within six months and was well on my way to achieving my ambition. At this time an older kid thought it would be fun to beat me up, simply because I was the biggest in my year. Boy, did he ever make a mistake, and soon my reputation was established as a kid not to mess with. By this time, the age of eleven, I had been smoking for a couple of years, and soon gathered a following. For the rest of my time at that school I was thought of as the school bully although I can only remember having one more fight, which scared the life out of me because I found myself with a knife in my hand which I was about to use. From that day to this I have never used violence to gain my ends. In my second year, at this school, I fell in love with a boy who was a year younger. Well he did have a cute bum and he became the subject of my first, my second and my third wet dreams, but nothing else happened. By the time I had reached sixteen I was a hardened drinker, macho rugby player and gang member. I had also proved the bastards wrong, being one of the few to leave that school with any examination passes. The only O-level I failed at that school was English, which you can probably tell from this attempt at writing. Having now passed the official school leaving age, which was fifteen then, I had to decide what to do with the rest of my life.

All my mates either went into apprenticeships or straight to "dead-end" employment. Even then I knew that I did not like the idea of work one little bit so off I went, cap in hand, to the local technical high school which had a sixth-form. I did pass English O level here and more importantly, in some public toilets, on the way home form school one afternoon, I had my first experience of sex with another guy. He was a lot older than me, I didn't ask his name and he didn't ask mine, but he certainly convinced me that I was GAY. It was many years before I had another sexual encounter. After one year my parents moved to another town and so I had, not only to change schools, but start the sixth form again. This new school was a real bore, with a crappy school uniform, but I did leave with 3 A levels. Not bad for a thick working class lad. From here most of the kids went off to university but, at that time, I considered that to be far to far above my status and so I took the only other available option and went off to train as a teacher. Well, it did put off the evil day when I would have to start work, for a few more years.

College, in the late sixties, was fun. Lots of drinking, protesting and generally having a good time. I tried to hit on a couple of fellow students and got nowhere, so decided I would never be successful at that and resigned myself to being single and celibate. Having trained as a Middle/Secondary school teacher majoring in mathematics I finally left college and went home. Then the inevitable happened...I had to find a job and earn a living. Initially I spent a year earning lots of money labouring on shifts in a Power Station. Then teaching....

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