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Welcome to my little korner of the web. I'm glad you could stop by, even though there isn't much here yet.

Please excuse me for the banners above - though I'd encourage you to click on them, and help promote this site. The banners are there because traffic's been kind of slow on my site lately.

Kim's PhotoAbout Kim - a link to a short information file about yours truly and what you find there might surprise you some! It isn't really a bio, because I don't believe too many people really care about all the silly stuff that ends up in a bio. All you'll find is a quick idea of some of the things I like and some of the things I don't like, plus a very little more detailed info about me.

Kim AgainAnother Kim Picture Kim's Pix! - You've been asking, so here are a few photos for you, so you can get a better peek at me!

Kim's PGP Key - Here's my public key, which you'll need if you would like to use PGP with me!

Kim's Rambling - One of the great things about a web page is that you have the opportunity to publish your views for the world to see - and, I'm no exception. Here's where you'll find my ranting and raving!

Kim's Links - Of course, every web site has to have the obligatory bunch of links - here's my contribution to keeping the tradition alive. I'm not an activist, so you're not going to find a bunch of transgender links here.

I know this page isn't terribly original - I used wizards for a lot of it, and in defense all I can is that I'm still learning how FrontPage works, and what I can do with it.

I'm also not very good with graphics, especially in this day and age of the computer graphic, so what's here is really all just wizards in the various graphics packages.

Write me at: [email protected]

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