to my gay world on the net!

My name is David and I reside in Dallas, Texas. I moved to Dallas in August, 2000 from Tulsa, Oklahoma where I spent 18 years of my life. I am originally from San Jose, California.

I enjoy hanging with friends, being around people and basically just having fun! I am not a big bar person but do like to go out at times with friends. Preferrably to a club where I can carry on a conversation and not have to fight to talk over the music! I like to travel although I haven't had that opportunity lately (LOL). I don't try to be someone I am not nor do I try to act like I have something I don't! I am just a normal person who is looking for another normal person (whatever normal is) to be around. So if you think you can be that normal person just drop me an e-mail and let's give it a try! Who knows what might happen.


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