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Officer Wes & bobby

This handsome, smart, loving man on the right
is bobby, who is looking for a lover.
Please help us get the word out.
he's an uncommonly quality guy.


slave dave became beloved Deputy Dave.
He and his boy/partner Chris are chosen family.


About our leather family
Some more pictures...

        Officer Wes

        Daddy Barry



        Tom was Officer Wes’ partner from 1991 – 2008.

        jeff was Officer Wes’ boy, then slave, from 2003-2008.

        Some of the important men in my life have had contracts. Here are those contracts, most recent first


Leather resources


        Leather 101 -- a resource prepared for gay leathermen and leatherdykes in San Diego. May broader audiences also find it useful.

        The Good of BDSM -- benefits we get from having edgy, sexy play.

        Leather and spirituality -- including an entire presentation and an abbreviated compilation of resources for learning more about spirit/spirituality and leather.

        Leather/SM resources -- including lifestyle & education, police/uniform, rubber, straight razor shaving, fun, pictures and stories, activities in Austin (where we used to live), and some leatherfolk we know.

        Dominance and submission & Mastery and slavery


Officer Wes loves good looking uniforms. Here is a presentation He did on uniforms.


Officer Wes has been sharing His expertise in the erotic uses of electricity since 1993. Here's the electrical presentation handout He uses as it stands today. Here's a review of a '98 electricity demo that provides a better overall view given the lack of an interactive demonstration here.

        Rope harness

How to make a rope harness was created by Ropeman. It is maintained here as a community resource with his kind permission.

        Dungeon parties / play parties & release forms

    • If you are new to BDSM parties, you might want to read the Discipline Corps' well-written and more-extensive Play Party Etiquette.
    • If you go to a BDSM party, chances are good you will have to sign a release if you want entrance. Why are releases needed? In part to explicitly limit liability so that parties are feasible. Also in part because play parties can get raided and the existence of proof-of-age and informed consent helps minimize those two areas as issues. Want to help or learn more about sexual freedom? Check out the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. See the Statement of Facts Regarding the Raid in Attleboro "Paddleboro" Massachusetts for background on one raid (scroll down a bit) and Club X Play Party Release Forms for the release forms (under the Documentation link) that evolved after a different raid.
    • Officer Wes and Tom hosted a small, private, bimonthly, men's dungeon party from October 2001 - October 2002. We are keeping the resources below to help others who wish to host similar parties:



        Daddy Barry


        Mastery / slavery

        Dominance / submission



Not interested in

        Conditional surrender

        Party boys





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