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At last the page is up, we would like to thank everyone for there patience and hope that you all enjoy our Homepage!!

Lets see where will we start? What would you like to know?! All the juicy bits I bet...... that's later!!

Where do we live? Well as you're asking we live on the island of Jersey off the coast of France as you can see in the picture. The island is 4 miles by 9 miles with amazingly clean beaches and is full of life during the Summer with plenty to do. However, when it gets to Winter it sort of gets quiet!!

The island has also been referred to as '85,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock'! All in all, the island is a sheltered place to live.

Our Profiles have been divided into two sections so you can get to know us better....wink..wink so enjoy both sections!



A picture of us to kill your curiosity!!


What we enjoy doing in our spare time:

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Check out our galleries as well, but please note that these galleries may contain 'Nuditiy' and 'Homosexual'orientated pictures, therefore you must be over 18yrs!

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This section will expand with time...but don't hold your breath!!

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