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Greetings Fags, Fag Hags and Fag Hag Wannabees! Welcome to my corner of the 'net. Come in, sit a spell and take in some of the sites! Enjoy your stay!

For those of you that are unsure of what the termFag Hag means, it is a straight woman that hangs out with gay men. Being a Fag Hag is a culture all it's own. Unfortunaely, the straight men that we love often times do not like our gay men. Usually when we find that out, the straight man is kicked to the curb and we are embarassed we even loved them in the first place! Don't ever mess with the bond between a Fag Hag and her fag!

This page is dedicated to all my wonderful fags. Without them, I would not be the great Fag Hag that I am today! :)I would also like to take this time to dedicate this page to all those great Fag Hags out there! Behind every flawless gay man or drag queen is a GREAT Fag Hag! Tee Hee!

Wondering if your fag is butch? The Butch Test

Sweeties that have visted the factory: Counter

Check out the history of the Rainbow Flag and other pride related stuff!

Are you interested in drag pagents and beginning one in your state? Check out Miss Gay World Wide Web. If you would like to be a part of their yahoo group, there is an area to sign up at the bottom of this page.

Kandie's Flawless Fag:TnCowboy8's Home on the Range

Kandie's trick or treat bag (No,the emphasis is not on TRICK) is a glossary of terms that can be passed along to educate your most favorite Fag Hag. Hey, maybe you can even learn some new terms!

Okay all you Fag Hag wanna bees out there floating in cyber land. Here is what you all have been waiting for!!! Kandie's Top 10 Fag Hag identifiers

Ms. Kandie Speaks! Wanna hear a Fag Hag's thoughts? Enter if you dare!

Were you a fag hag in high school?Did you go to Prom with your fag? If so there is a book being written you may be intersted in participating. Check out this web site http://www.gayprom.com

Did you know that 1 in 5 gay men are victims of same sex domestic violence?

New Study Shows Urban Gay Men As Likely To Be Battered As Heterosexual Women(Click to read full story)

HIV Diagnosis Often Triggers Violence

A new study shows that one in five urban gay men is battered by his partner, showing that homosexual men are just as likely as heterosexual women to be victims of domestic violence. This new NIH-funded study, the first of its kind, appears in the December issue of American Journal of Public Health.

�Perhaps the most startling and disturbing finding was that being HIV-positive increases the likelihood of being physically battered,� said Relf. �Many men in the study were subjected to physical and emotional violence after telling their partners they had been diagnosed with HIV. Tragically, men who rely on abusive partners for financial support often are forced to make the impossible choice between violence and homelessness.�
Are you or someone you know a victim of intimate partner violence? Click here for more info.

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