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Your Host Derek Hartley

Derek Hartley, Derek lives in West Hollywood, CA. His interests include movies, books, getting into trouble, and playing around on PlanetOut. Check out other photos of him in the FantasyMan Island Library. Derek is your date every Thursday night at Midnight for FantasyMan Island, only on PlanetOut.

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FantasyMan Island

FantasyMan Island

About FM Island:

Explore uncharted territory in PlanetOut's newest land... FantasyMan Island.

Welcome to FantasyMan Island!

FantasyMan Island is the ultimate online destination to find men, men, and more men! Meet PNO Derek, your FantasyMan Island host, and check out the Man Of The Week. Plus, come to FantasyMan Island LIVE in the FantasyMan Island Chat Room AOL Only to join PNO Derek and tons of sinlge men for the largest M4M dating event anywhere on America Online.

Dreams come true on FantasyMan Island!

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