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Ok, so it's about time I updated this page.  I have received many E-mails with comments about this page, firstly I would like to thank everyone who sent me mail, and they know as I replied to every one of them, guys I love you all. Since this page was designed for you the public, I have taken every suggestion into account and will change my page accordingly.  Actually I have not received any complaints, with the exception that there is no photo of me on the page, well, perhaps if you look hard enough now, you might find one.  But I am not promising anything, but if you send a picture of yourself to me, I will gladly send you a picture of myself.  Now that is not too much to ask is it?

Every aspect of this page will be updated so I will not be adding a What's New section to the page, just come back often and you will see all the changes. 

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This Page contain material which is intended for Adult viewing only, if you proceed to view this page, you are doing so at your own risk.  This will be the one and only warning you receive. 

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