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Last updated: 13.Mai 1997, Pictures: 1. August 1997

Hi, my name is Marisa

I am a male heterosexual, living in Germany, near of Munich (1/2 hour to drive), 46 years old, married with 3 children.

I really don`t know, what I am:
- a Crossdresser
- a Transvestite
- a pervert Guy ?

I believe, that I am a kind of Crossdresser. But I am not full crossdressing.
What I like is to wear pantyhose, high heels and skirts/dresses
It startet when I was 5 years old with the stockings of my mother and my sister. The way went down and up. In the age of 13 or 14 years I bought my first pantyhose.
I married a wonderful girl and for long years I did not wear any feminine things. Later in my marriage I wore my wife`s pantyhose for about 20 seconds, when she was downstairs or out of the house. This I made more and more. Finally I bought a couple of pantyhoses for me in a department store. So I was able tor wear them not to worry about to get a run in my wife�s hose.
Every time I travelled by train for my company to other towns, the nicest thing was, to wear a pantyhose under my suit, talking to the customers, while wearing pantyhose under the trousers.
In October 1996 I discovered the Crossdresser Hompages in the Internet, I tried in the search engines the word: Transvestites and I was surprised:

I am not alone !!

There are hundreds, thousands of men wearing pantyhoses and stockings and high heels. I could not believe that.

I discovered the wonderful sites of Claudia, Agnes, Andrea and Julia and I read, that they are in the same thoughts as I have. Thanks to you, Claudia, Agnes, Andrea and Julia, you are responsible for the change in my life !! I don�t feel guilty any more, I don�t feel anymore like a pervert. Now I can enjoy my feelings.

Because of this discovery in October 1996 I bought a pair of high heels and a wonderful skirt. So I am only in the lower part of my body feminine. I hope that the rest follows very soon, but I am so shy, I don`t know how to try on a dress without getting a tomato red head......

By creating this homepage I had to decide, whether

speed or

of the homepage. I hope you understand, that I choosed the speed. Some days, when the www-net is getting faster I will make my pages more professional.

Now at the next pages is my story and some more information. Right now only in German language. If my time permits I will translate in English. Anybody would like to help me ? If yes, you are very welcome.

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