The truth about trip advisor
Representing Innkeepers with TripAdvisor

While TripAdvisor brings many positives to you as an innkeeper, some of the operations and policies of the site have flaws that can cause significant financial hardship to your business. This is the message innkeepers all across the country have been letting PAII know loud and clear. But what can YOU do as an individual innkeeper to address this most critical area?

The real question should be, "What can WE do as a collective team of innkeepers to address this critical area?"

The "WE" is PAII, the only coast to coast  association that represents YOUR unique needs as an innkeeper. And we are taking ACTION on this issue for you:
PAII President & CEO Jay Karen has been tirelessly meeting and negotiating with the management team of TripAdvisor advocating for you.  
We successfully got TripAdvisor to recognize and agree that changes to their site should be made that impact innkeepers.
We're pressing for changes with conflict resolution, review policies and management response policies.
We encourage you to read the results of Jay's recent visit with TripAdvisor and their top decision makers at
They do not back up their reviews and  they will not  remove you from their web site They are becoming known for false reviews

Professional Association of Innkeepers International
207 White Horse Pike
Haddon Heights, New Jersey 08035

Spread the word that their reviews are not backed up and consider it heresay
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