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Welcome to my home on the Web.

Let me begin by telling you about my situation and who I am.  My female name is Melissa Dracul and I am a heterosexual male, living in the California Bay Area.  Some would say that I am a Transvestite, some would say that I am a crossdresser, and most would say that I am a freak or deviant.  I prefer the "freak or deviant" over the other labels.  Ever since I was a little boy, I used to see myself as both sexes.  Sure, I'm physically male but mentally my male side is equal to my female side.  I think like a female at the same time that I think like a man.  I don't think in a macho way or anything as a man.  The macho thing tends to sicken me.

If you would like to know my life story involving how I grew up and lived as both genders, then click here.

As for my personality, I am very friendly to all people whether they are nice people or not (most people soften up around me, must be the friendly aura).  Alot of people would call me gothic, when in fact, I am far too happy and outgoing to be gothic.  I do dress in all black (as both male and female) though, mainly because it's the only way that I feel comfortable.  I also dye my hair black and tend to wear darker shades of makeup (anti-barbie).  I am definately a full-time thinker, which definately causes alot of people to think that I am gothic because I won't talk for long periods of time and will avoid people just to think.  I am an animal lover (except monkeys, I hate monkeys... sorry).  Penguins are my favorite animals and have always been my favorite animals.  When I was a baby I used to call them "piguins".

As for religion, I am anti-religion but tend to be a very dark, evil, and deceitful person.  I love to influence people through darkness and push them over into the black arts, occult, and generally introduce them to the darkside.  It's even more fun when I convert a "Born-again" christian to the darkside.  You may think that I serve darkness, evil, satan, whatever you may call it, because of this but the only being out there for me to serve is myself.  Did I forget to mention that I am god?  Yes that's right, god is of the transgendered community and has a Web page on GeoCities.  That's me! :)

I also have a crush on Eddie Munster... but I'm straight.  Heheheheheheh :)

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