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Last updated 6 February 2006 (Bra Manifesto)

Dee in Ivory

Hi! I like to wear pretty clothes -- but I'm a man -- a heterosexual, married man, a "cross-dresser". If you have no interest in cross-dressing, or if you are looking for pictures or stories that are erotic in nature, you really would be better off leaving, as I have none of these, nor do my links point to sites with that kind of content.

The small color image above is only 3.3K in size. I converted it and all my other pictures to .jpg types, with some compression (QUALITY 75), and the space and time (bandwidth to you real computer geeks) saving was huge! As a GIF, this picture was 16K, and took a lot more disk space for me to store and time for you to download! I have much more information on pictures, compression, storage, bandwidth and page load time available here. If you'd like to see more of my pictures, here are some links to others:

My alter ego and I hope you find the contents of these pages fun and informative -- they are true stories, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent. (dum de dum dum -- just the facts, maam!)

NEW (18 September 2005) Shopping at Victoria's Secret

9 October 2002 Shopping at Victoria's Secret

Updated 8 November 2005 -> Q and A Pages -- Tucking, Shaving, Makeup, Movies, Chastity Belt Design, Shopping for lingerie, Technical tips about graphic compression, Shopping for cosmetics...

My personal information.

My musical preferences, some delightful songs and a favorite poem.

Maps showing the general area where I live with my alter ego and family. Updated 5 March 2004

The account of my visit to Glamour Shots, including the background behind these pictures.

Going shopping for a dress and coming home with a figure!

Wendy's Bra Manifesto, Clothes Links

The Bra Manifesto, which Wendy posted in alt.fashion.crossdressing. With her help, I've incorporated her document here, with illustrations from her picture archives.

These Clothes Links lead to [commercial] shopping and other sites of interest to the CD community.

A few of my friends' places

Go to a page where I've collected all my links to friends' [personal] sites.

Notes for the visitor

I have a public guestbook... a number of people have asked me (in private e-mail) if I know of others who CD in our part of the world. I really do not, but if you choose to sign the guest book and include your (general) location and e-mail address, others with similar interests or locations might contact you via that e-mail address. The guestbook can be accessed near the bottom of this page.

I use GeoCities' free home page services. They meet my needs pretty well. If you'd like to find out more about this, there's a link to GeoCities in the banners at the top and bottom of this page.

Newest additions:

8 November 2005
Updated tucking Q and A pages
18 September 2005
Bra Shopping Experiences
5 March 2004
Added Q and A page about cosmetic shopping, updated Q and A page about photo compression, fixed map page.
21 February 2004
Corrected Shopping at Victoria's Secret typos -- one must have been Freudian -- and added a couple pics to it.
24 January 2004
Added update to hair removal Q and A page and a new Pictures and Compression Q and A page

I'm amazed at the number of visits to this site -- you are number 000 since September 10, 1997!

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Places you can find me:


If you see me in the Pink Room at the TgGallery, I'd love to know your opinion. I frequently chat in the Pink Room, the friendliest chatroom I've found. You can visit the Pink Room now.. When you get to the TgGallery, follow the links to Chats and the Pink Room.


You can send me e-mail "dee_in_pa at yahoo dot com", my preferred e-mail address as I can access it world-wide.


I also participate in the USENET alt.fashion.crossdressing newsgroup. I use GOOGLE's usnet groups feature, which kills a lot of spam and can help preserve anonymity if desired. You can browse this newsgroup using GOOGLE, and easily return here. Search Google News Discussion Group for alt.fashion.crossdressing

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Love to all!


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