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WELCOME!!~~ :-)

Hola mis amigos!! Welcome to my homepage!! I am moving in right now..So please be patient..This will probably take me FOREVER.. :) I hope you enjoy the page regardless--I'd love hearing from anyone who visits this page, and I love ALL comments--positive OR negative..If you have any questions about me or anything, don't be afraid to write me some e-mail!! Don't forget to sign the guestbook!! If this works out, I will add new pages as often as I can.. In the meantime, please check out what I've added so far, and let me know what you think!! :-) So maybe you aren't a famous poet YET.. but check here and maybe you will get some inspiration. These are just a few of my favorite poems!!! :-)
OK well bye everybody! Take care and peace!! :) Siempre Selena!! "Ella canta con los angeles." Oh yeah, and paz, amor, besitos y abrazos por todos Latinos en el mundo!! :)

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Please--Look at all the CD's I'm selling, and check back often!! :-)
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If your last name is Longoria, you will LOVE this page!! :-)
Planet Out..the BEST planet there is.. :)
AIDS Memorial.

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