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It was a trip to remember!

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The Atlantis Cruise 2000 was a 7 day, all Gay, Caribbean cruise aboard the brand new Norwegian Sky sponsored by Atlantis Events.  We set sail on Jan. 30th, 2000 and returned on Feb. 6, 2000.  There were nearly 2000 guys aboard (and about 20 girls) ready for 7 days of non-stop party.  As the pictures here show, we completed that mission as only a ship full of gay men could!

I first learned of this trip when my best friend from Junior High / High School, Scott, said he was going and would like us to join him.   My only regret is that circumstances prevented my better half,  Jeff,  from sailing with us.  Some of the pictures on this site were taken by Scott.

I highly recommend an Atlantis Events vacation to my gay friends.  They did a wonderful job planning an exciting trip with excellent entertainment every day including Cybil Sheppard who performed live on stage.  The Crew of 800 aboard the Norwegian Sky (which I called the "Guy-Tanic" for this week) did an excellent job - especially with this unusually festive group of passengers.

Note:  Per the Ship's request, I do not have any pictures of the stage shows.

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