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A Smile Hello

Welcome, my name is Asher Webb, and thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I hope that you enjoy your stay and please take a moment to sign my guestbook. Thank you. I am Gay White male from the Canadian Prairies (Winnipeg.... and according to our license plates... that is in Friendly MANitoba)!

  1. If you can dream it, it can be your reality... JUST DO IT!

  2. Anything/everything that we want to do is totally valid and we should do it... as long as it doesn't harm anyone... including ourselves

  3. Our time here is so short and precious, we can't let our fears hold us back... we only get one chance at each moment... make them count!

  4. If we have an opportunity to help someone in need, we should. Not for any possible future payback (Karmic or otherwise), but with the hope that somewhere down the road, the recipient will do the same for someone else.

  5. We are the sum of our life experiences... no matter how good or bad. They all contribute to who we are. If we can take the life lessons from each one, and come to a point where we are happy and love ourselves, then they were worth it.

  6. It's just stuff, and stuff can be replaced.

  7. Ultimately, we can only take responsibility for one person ...ourselves

  8. If a situation arises and we are angry, frustrated or embarrassed, we should stop and ask ourselves... "Will I look back on this someday and laugh?" If the answer is yes... then laugh now... if it will be funny years from now, it's funny now.

  9. True beauty shines from the inside to the outside... the outside is just packaging... think about it... if you wrap a dead skunk in a new mink coat.. it may appear beautiful, but it still stinks.

I was recently sent a wonderful passage that I would like to share with you... I do not know the original author, but thank my dear friend Su for the gift. I know that it rang true for me.. and hope it does for you too. LIFE LESSONS


I was born on July 12, 1960 (Cancer - and if I do say so... I am the epitome of a Cancer...) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am 5'8", 140 lbs, slim smooth build, brown hair and hazel eyes, trimmed beard and 'stache (that comes and goes).

I am currently single (though would not be adverse to changing that status!) I would like to share my life with someone who is kind, (com)passionate, intelligent with a sense of humour almost as warped as mine. Someone who wants to share life's journey and push me to be all that I can be and expect the same from me. Someone who will challenge me when necessary and support me when I need it... and know that I would do the same. If this holds any interest for you... drop me a line....

I often wonder if my purpose in this life is not to share my life with one person for an extended period of time... but to touch many. Now before you get the wrong idea, what I mean by that is... often, my purpose in crossing the paths of people isn't as a romantic partner... but to assist them, either by virtue of example or by the experiences that we share together rather than the physical intimacy that we share. Apparently I have been know to be intimidating... (5'8", 140# - go figure) again it has more to do with presence than physical bearing. Regardless... in this portion of my life this seems to be the case... who knows though, what lies ahead.

I have one of those faces that must be very common, people often say that I remind them of someone and all of my life I have been mistaken for someone else.

If you would like to see pictures... then go to my gallery WINNIPAGAN'S GALLERY

I believe that we are the sum of our life experiences... and if you are interested, here is the sum of my life experiences to date... I recount them to give you an idea of who I am, and how I came to this point in my life.. LIFE EXPERIENCE


Professionally I am the Executive Director for a Business Improvement Zone here in our beautiful city. The Business Improvement Zone that I represent currently has over 175 businesses in it's 12 blocks. This link will take to a directory of the Osborne Village... where our theme is "SHOP, DINE & ENJOY"... The Osborne Village BIZ Directory

If you would like to see my resume... then go to my resume page WINNIPAGAN'S RESUME

I am the Past President of a local not-for-profit, community based Gay organization that runs a private members bar called Gio's.

I have been a local Gay activist/advocate for about 15 years now. I believe we should all do what we can and I have been (mis)fortunate enough to be able to be public and do education of everything from Gay/Lesbian issues, homophobia & homophobic violence, AIDS/HIV, Gay/Lesbian health concerns, same-sex spousal benefits, etc.


Well from the title of my page... some of you will have deduced... I am a Pagan. Actually to be more accurate, I am Wiccan.

Over the course of my life, I have studied and experienced several different religions... Christianity, Judaism, the Bahai faith, some eastern religions... but I found that all of them seemed to be far more invested in the dogma and doctrines of "some man" than in the idea of universal truth, love, balance and equality.

I discovered Wicca about a few years ago, and for the most part have been a solo practitioner. I do occasionally work with a local coven, but due to my time restrictions at present, do most of my work alone.

I think what drew me to Wicca, is the underlying belief that everything (not just everyone) has an equal value and needs to be respected. Everything that we do, has an effect that is far reaching and that we need to be cognizant of the fact that when we act that there are always consequences to our actions. I do believe that regardless of what we do... eventually, it will come back to us. And that if we can strive to live our lives with the concept that what we do should never be at anyone's expense (including our own,) then we can in fact make a difference in this world.

I realize that to some, that this probably sounds rather simplistic... but for me, it is at the root of my belief system. I realize that alone, I will never stop poverty, hunger, war, etc., but by doing whatever I can to help those in need, I will in fact set into motion (hopefully) a chain of events that could in fact make those kind of differences. Both through deeds and words, we can bring about change. I have been fortunate enough in my life to see it happen, whether on a small scale (I help someone out financially, who then in turn helps someone else when they can) as well as on a bigger scale (lobbying with many others to bring about changes to the Provincial & Federal Charter of Rights, AIDS/HIV legislation etc.)


Now I know that you are asking yourself.... what does this man do for fun? Doesn't sound like he has a lot of time for a social life... well, I try to find time... some of the things that I enjoy: