PERSONAL PROFILE: Iam an Arab man.34 years old.Some people say I look my age,others say I look younger.Personally,both comments please me depending on the mood I'm in. Physically,I'm thin.In the muscle-bound gay world we all live in,this might cause some problems. Fortunately however,muscle queens are a minority and I'm happy to say that I've had very few complaints. Iam a proud moustache sporter,had mine since age 14.Lately,I have followed the trend and grew a goatee with some better than expected results.I wear glasses,the result of being an avid reader or a chronic masturbator;both cases apply I'm afraid. My hair is black with an increasing number of grey invaders.I prefer it short;it looks much better on me that way. I have big firm hands,nice masculine feet(size 43 European.My feet are a feature I'm proud of. More about feet later. I'm moderately hairy,more on my legs,ass and pubic hair than on other parts. PASSIONS SEXUAL: These are variable.First of all,let me say that I'm a horny S.O.B.My tastes are really very varied.Kissing is great.Licking the body from head to toe is even better.Especially the feet. WHAT ABOUT FEET: Iam a confirmed foot fetishist.Men's feet turn me on more than any other part of the body.The feet should be big,masculine,shapely,trim,with long toes,clean toenails. I love the smell of a man's feet;the sweaty aroma after a workout or a long walk in sneakers.Even though I love to lick a man's sweaty feet and take in his manly aroma the feet have to be clean.No grimy nails for me ,thanks. I have found that American,Arab and Iranian men have the sexiest feet in the world. I also love having my feet licked and smelled too. Smelling musky worn socks gives me a shattering climax when jerking off. COCKS: Mine is an average 6 inch cock.It curves upwards to my stomach and is hard as steel,no exaggeration here. It's darkish in color,cut and looks great.My balls are hairy. Dick size is unimportant for me;it also makes no difference whatsoever whether a dick is cut or uncut.Arab men have the nicest dicks around;Americans,Frenchmen and Iranians are a close second.If you're a size queen,I'm afraid Chinese and Indians will disappoint you. HAIR: I'm moderately hairy by Arab standards.However I'm very turned on by hairy men especially on the legs,pubic area ,ass and stomach. ACTS OF LUST: I'm STRICTLY into safe sex only.This could be fun too. Iam turned on by mutual masturbation,foot licking and smelling,squeezing cocks together,looking up assholes as we jerk off,watching porn films.No liquid exchange of any kind.This might disappoint some,but there's an Arab proverb that says:Better that my lover be frustrated than my getting pregnant. RAUNCH: This is a sensitive subject.Iam definitely NOT into raunch in the strict S/M sense of the word.No Scat for me thanks. However slight raunch can be extremely exciting. I love to see guys in dirty ,stained underwear;stained with cum,piss etc. The smell of a 4 or 5 day old worn undrewear withits musky manly aroma is also great.The smell of an unwashed cock and balls for a few days is a turn on too. I practise this kind of raunch very rarely and with few selected people. MEN: Looks are not that important for me. However,I have to admit that I'm especially turned on by slim men ranging from very skinny to wiry. Slightly bigger men are O.K. if they're hairy and have facial hair. Facial hair,as superficial as it may sound,is another turn-on.Clean shaven guys are great too but to a lesser extent than walruses. Iam attracted to a whole range of men,especially Arabs,Americans,Canadians, Dutch,Iranians,Frenchmen,Pathan Pakistanis,Greeks,Argentines,Kurds,Turks and Australians. Arabs,Iranians and Pathans come first in horniness. Americans are number one in sheer good looks and versatility. Dutchmen and Argentines are strikingly handsome too. Among Arabs,Jordanians,Syrians,Palestinians,Tunisians and Bahrainis are really hot. NON-SEXUAL PASSIONS CITIES: San Francisco,Paris,New York,Boston,Rome,Amman,Beirut,Toronto. FOOD: Arabic,Indian,spicy ,chocolate cakes of any kind,pickles. Arabic dishes I love 1)Musakhan: Diced onion-sumak mix fried in olive oil served on pita bread with broiled chicken.A Palestinian dish. 2)Mansaf: Cooked yoghurt on rice and lamb meat topped by fried pine nuts and almonds. 3)Kobbit Roz:Fried minced meat with pine nuts and onions in rice and semolina balls.Served with cooked tomato sauce or yoghurt. TELEVISION: Maude,The Golden Girls,The Nanny,Science Fiction of any sort,Grace Under Fire, Jeopardy,Kids in the Hall,Absolutely Fabulous,Green Acres,The Jeffersons,Saturday Night Live. SHOWBIZ PEOPLE: Claudia Cardinale,Vanessa Redgrave,Kate Bush,Gary Oldman,Ed Harris,Alex Trebek, Al Pacino,Alec Baldwin,Brett Butler,Bea Arthur,Marla Gibbs. BOOKS AND AUTHORS: Mary Renault especially "The Persian Boy" and "The Last of the Wine", Armistead Maupin,True Crime,Gay Porn,Gore Vidal,Edward Said,Jean Genet, Travel Memoirs,Travel Guides. HOBBIES: Travel,Reading,Long Walks,Internet Cruising,Masturbation,Sex,Movies,T.V. QUALITIES I LIKE IN PEOPLE: Passionate,Compassionate,Sensual,Smart,Thoughtful,Sense of Humor,Horny. MORE ABOUT ME: I live in the Middle East,come to the U.S.A. and Canada twice or more a year. I work in a very serious job in a big corporation.I have a Master's Degree and speak Arabic,English and French. I'm also a SCORPIO. NON-SEXUAL PASSIO

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