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P.J's "T* Time Tales"

Last updated: OCTOBER, 1998

After a little over a year as a spectator of the trans-gender scene, I've finally decided to take the plunge and try my hand at creating my own page. The first question is; "Why?" There are lots of good pages out there already. Why take up space with my own ramblings? Well, the quick answer is; "Why not?" The empty space is there . . . just waiting on some server's hard drive. And nature does so abhor a vacuum. ;-)

Okay . . . my own page. Now, what to put on it?

PHOTOS . . . nope . . . sorry. I'm wise enough to know my limitations. God didn't intend me to be a model . . . either male or female! ;-) Even if I did have pictures (which I don't) . . . I wouldn't want to post 'em . . . you wouldn't want to see 'em. End of story!

MY LIFE STORY . . . I've read some very informative, interesting, uplifting, moving personal stories during my 'virtual travels'. If I had to describe MY personal story, I'd be able to do it in one word; BORING!! Let's save this space for something a bit more interesting . . .

TIPS AND TRICKS . . . Don't know any . . . sorry.

LINKS . . . yep, I've got a few . . . and as you can see, Iíve finally gotten around to posting a few of them here. But, again, that's not what this page is about.

Okay . . . so just what IS this page about? (next page)

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