Hi and welcome to my web page.

If you have come to visit a page about television, then I am afraid you are in the wrong place - sorry!

So, who am I?

Well I'm a 40-year-old big and bouncy bi submissive-TV, who is happily married with a partner who both loves and supports me for what I am and who I am.

We have a stable and loving relationship and are very happy with each other and each other's lifestyles even though I am partially disabled because of a bike crash a few years back, we are very active sexually and really enjoy lovemaking.

Perhaps I have it too lucky, but it's something I count my blessing for every day and never take anything for granted.

One thing I do like is to chat via e-mail with other TV/TS in the London, UK, area and if you are not too disgusted by my pictures, even TV admirers are welcome to send their mail.

You can even contact me via ICQ on 16517867

Since I put this page up in 1998, I have received many e-mails asking me about my first time as a TV. So here it is!

One of my big loves is the Rocky Horror Picture Show which, of course, I go dressed as sweet transvestite Frankie - the only time I can go out dressed in public and not be worried!

It's such a camp, cult, movie and its real fun to take part in and of course deflowering virgins is always fun!

I can sometimes be found chatting on IRC on Dalnet where the people are friendly and the atmosphere is very good.

Well I'll be back soon to update this page, meanwhile, why not read the story I have begun to write and let me know what you think so far.

I have just completed part 2 and would love to know what you think!

So far the feedback has been quite good, but I am looking for suggestions where to take part three, so please send them in!

I hope you like what comes next...:)

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