Welcome to my page!

I've changed the look of this page, as some things in my life have changed. But, I will still ramble on endlessly about practically nothing at all. : )

First, I'll restart with a little info about me.
(Like it's INTERESTING?!?!?!)

Name: Jim
Age: 22
Height: 6'0
Weight: 324 (Yikes! I've gained!)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-Grey

And nothing more really to tell.... Since I last posted my page, I have met someone on-line, and I truely beleive that I am in love with him. (And I really never thought that it would happen to me!)
He seems to be everything that I'm looking for, and so much more, but who at the same time, is strong and patient, which are things that I had lost all hope of finding.
I am planning to go and visit him NEXT WEEK (February 13th to the 17th!), (for Valentines Day appropriately enough. :) and I dont mind telling the world that I CAN'T WAIT!
We have been talking about me visiting for well over a month now, and have been counting down the weeks and days until I finally feel the arms of the man I love.
So anyway, being really mushy is who I am, but I'll stop that now, for I'm sure that I'm boring you. : ) hehe.
Since my last web site on here was put up, I have changed my focus of alot of things, primarily on coming out to people, close friends, that I am in fact gay, and as I'm sure that alot of you can relate to, it can be one of the hardest things.
So far there aren't many people that know, there are basically 5 people, 4 females, and one male. So I'm gradually starting to let people know. As for what will happen after I spend some time around other people, that all may change, but as they say, I'm not counting the chickens before they're hatched. :)
SO.............anyway, that all being said, I think it's time to move on.....I can't update or change this site as much as I'd like to, because my work is very demanding of my time, and hopefully that will change too, but for the meantime, it's just a matter of timing. And actually, I am doing this site, as I'm working. (One of the advantages of working out of your home I guess. hehehehehe)
I have redone my Image Galleries, and have included a different section, and they will have some new pics, and some will be old ones, I had a major hard drive crash, and tried to salvage what I could and that wasn't much, so i'ts taken me quite a while, to find sites that had the pics that I was interested in posting.
Also, as stated on many web sites, that if any of the pics I've posted are copyrighted in any way, it was not known to me, and if emailed regarding this, the picture will be taken down promptly.
Okie Dokie...so let's check out what's new...... OH! I also need links to other sites that are similar to mine, so if you'd like one posted, drop me an email and let me know......I'd appreciate it. Thanks. : )

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Once again, this page is still under massive construction, so please bear with me, and check back now and then, over the next week, I'm hoping to get a page a day put up before I go on my VACATION. But it all depends on how busy work is. he he he. : )

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