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Odd News (self updating)
Cheney's got a gun
Some breaking news (self updating)
Bomb Iran
Make bart write
Driver falls from sun roof
Kitty cat
Free Ad-Aware spyware cleaner
Job saver
A pet horse
Real time tracking of planes at Sea-Tac
What Distinguished People are saying about
Captain penguin
Many faces of Michael Jackson
Boeing 787 looks cool
Ouch! bouncing bear
Whats the difference between these 2 pic's
Boeing salmon thirty salmon
Ch 5 watchs ch 4 make news (helicoptor crash)
Mircosoft wipes Apple off the map (literally)
Skateboarding dog
Dancing drunk driver
Lucky hitch hikers
Hold in that gut!
Tech flops
Free virus scan
Some links I use
Bus full of ugly people crash and die
Robo roach
Mind twisters
Walk the drunk home (move mouse L&R) no clicking
Spruce Goose
Money exchange rates
Who is first for new years
Dori Monson getting Zaped!!
london trip
Worst train desaster in US history
Got Milk?
Are you a loser at carnival games?
2005 year in review
Deep Water
Airplane lands on I405
We are not alone
Lucky wish bones
Jones soda
Islands for sale here
Wifi 802.11 b verses g
Hot dog
Mental health hotline
Track airplanes in real time
Science for kids (and dads)
Pet psychic
Beer caps
Dancing dog
Jet Blue A320
Jet Blue follow up
Ref's 21 Hawks 10
The 911 tapes of the capital hill shootings
You heard it here Bush will attack Iran


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