It's now been two whole years since I first ventured to this big city of London.
I have learnt a lot. I've had some ups - some downs - but all in all it's been a great time.

I've got some real good friends all over the country now, from Scotland to Ireland, and from back home in Wales to here in England.       

My long term friends and flat mates Steve 'n' Azz are now a couple, I wish them all the best - just remember to invite me to the wedding guys..

I came out to my parents in January this year (2001) thats got to have been the hardest thing I have ever done. Not only did I shock them with the fact I was gay, I also introduced them to Kenny, all on the same night. Scary!

Times move on, my time in London is now spent, my career moves me further north from February. I'll still be close enough for a night out on a weekend.. but far enough away from the everyday stresses of traffic jams everywhere I go...

Wish me luck! and thanks to all you guys!
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