Juliette's life

My name is Juliette. For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with the idea of ultra-femininity. Soft pleated skirts swirling at knee length, topped with a shiny satin blouse, can be extremely feminine. This more sophisticated look is completed with black or dark grey nylons, and high-heeled strappy sandals.

Evening gowns, whether short or long, have always portrayed the same sophisticated look, and provide the wearer with a feeling of being pretty and feminine .

Another expression of the utmost in femininity is the bridal gown, and Juliette always enjoys being the centre of attention that comes with being a blushing bride.

Recently, Juliette and her two dear friends Tiffany and Wendy were lucky enough to be bridal for an entire weekend. They took turns being bride, bridesmaid and flowergirl with lots of rustling petticoats and pretty satin shoes.

Since the ultimate feminine garments are what is worn underneath, I always pay particular attention to wearing soft and silky lingerie. The sight of a lacy petticoat hem, or the top of a particularly attractive slip showing through a sheer blouse, are all components of the truly feminine image.

Juliette was introduced to a new feminine interest; dressing as a pretty maid with layers of frothy petticoats.

Love, Juliette

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