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Jim and Karl live here. Nonetheless, this remains more a work in progress than a finished product. We're experiencing an education as a result of this project far beyond our wildest expectations. And, as we have developed this page and the pages associated with it, we've revised our focus and objectives.  It is our hope that through this medium we'll have an opportunity to come to know those of you who visit and that, in some manner, we may entertain you or even open a few doors for you. We strongly believe that rather than pose a threat to community, the Internet has the potential of contributing significantly to it. Our hope is to be a small part of that contribution!

Well, this is us....



We're in Atlanta, GA....a little corner of DeKalb county, to be exact, and we have a lot to tell you about us, our interests and personal stories, and our adopted hometown.

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All About Us...if you only have time for one page...

Jim's Page...thoughts, interests, things that are important

About Atlanta...our adopted new Hometown..includes the local weather.

Karl's Page...notes about Karl's interests, background, and political commentary.

The History and Culture of Wales

On Wales...Karl explores his heritage as a person of Welsh ancestry

                               Jim's thoughts on "coming out" as a middle-aged man...yes, it is possible to be over 40 and gay!

Things Karl...his pics and pans...travels...and Alice (of Alice Doesn't Live

Here Anymore).

Gay Stuff...thoughtful links you won't find on WebCastro

Really hot!

The kid in Jim loves trains, so...

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