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Last Updated  : July 23, 2000 - The 35th Birthday ( 35 !! Oh No.. )
Welcome to BatSiam's Homepage,
Make yourself at home !!

     Thanks for visiting my page, please come in and sit down.    Now I'm gonna show you around my CyberRainForest. 
        First, I would like to serve you a cup of coffee      ( I don't have any cola nor tea left in my kitchin, sorry )
        I have been surfing on the net for many years , visited a thousand sites, try many softwares, learn more and more about every thing on the net. But still innocent on this Cyberspace. 
  I decided to create my homepage since 23 July 1996 which was my 30'th Birthday, and this is the fouth update since it was created.
        It's Ok for me, no matter how you think about it. But don't be hesitate to give me your comments, i'll be very appreciate. Thanks in advance.   And Please feel free to ask me anything.
       I think it's time to get lost in my Cyber  RainForest. 
       Let's move your mouse follow me. 
      PS. My real nick name is not Bat,  and I'm not a big fan of batman any more, 
      I always say " For god sake Robin "  so they gave me this Nick "BatSiam"