Just an average guy from Southeast Iowa. I'm 6 foot, weight around 145. Blond hair and hazel eyes. Oh, one other point of interest - I'm G.A.Y.!!
I love doing lots of things. Mostly I enjoy hanging out with friends...toss back a few beers, play some pool, or darts, or dance a little. I love going for drives with the stereo up loud. It gives me a little time to think things over and just relax a little bit. I go for walks now and then, when it isn't too hot. I love to laugh, so no matter what I'm doing, I'll try to make it fun.
I'm lucky in that I get along with just about everybody. I've got a few really good friends that I treasure beyond words and I've also got some that are acquaintances that I enjoy having drinks with. I, for sure, probably would not have managed to be where I am without my family. I am so thankful for all the support, encouragement, and love they've given me over the years. Yeah, they still love me even though I'm a total screw up. HA HA Just kidding, I'm not a total screw up, I just make some really dumb choices sometimes.
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Not the best picture, I know, but I do get comments about it from time to time.