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Hi, I'm Melissa Holland. Welcome to TransWorld. A place for trans people, like me, to share information and experiences. This includes Transvestites (Crossdressers), Transsexuals, the Transgendered and others interested in TRANS topics. If you are offended by these topics or feel you can't be polite and respect other people's opinions please leave now.

Page last updated 27 September 2007

I'm currently rebuilding this site... Pardon the dust and bad links.

Available Links...
Melissa's (Not So) Updated Profile - Her story up through transition (2001).
Make-Up Tips
People Pages - Links to other T Girls and Guys.
Organization Pages - Links to some helpful organizations.
T Publications - Links to some helpful publications.
California Name & Gender Change Forms & Info.
Trans Terms - A Glossary of T Terms.

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Melissa is a former member of the Vanity Club sorority...

... and former Ambassadrix to the Vanity Club UK

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