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This is a semi-mirror of my web page at my place of employ, Indiana University Computing Center, of Bloomington, Indiana. Okay, so it's not even a semi-mirror. It just resembles my other page. Perhaps eventually I'll put more interesting things here, but for now, all you need know is my email address here is [email protected], and I hardly ever check that mailbox. Actually, the best place to reach me is [email protected], which is my beta testing account on Hemisphere Online of Denver, Colorado.

At Indiana University, I do a variety of things, all of them time-consuming, and some of them addicting. Most often, I'm on tech support calls, answering a wide variety of questions, most of them mindlessly easy, and the occasional one or two that utterly baffles me and I have to send it on to someone else. The rest of the time, I'm working on answering email questions, coding in HTML for whatever or whomever, installing and maintaining Windows NT , tweaking PC platforms and hardware, talking in chat forums, and surfing the web.

  • Insofar as me personally, several adjectives could be apt descriptions. And I'd like to point out that my opinions and ideas do not in any way necessarily reflect those of my employer, Indiana University. That said, if you think you might be offended by a raging feminist, pro-liberal anti-establishment, Mother-Jones-reading, coffee-drinking, Birkenstock-sandle-wearing, occasonal-clove-smokin', goat-cheese-eatin', anti-disciplinarian, pro-choice, anti-religion vegetarian egalitarian civil and queer rights activist, who votes, mountain bikes, hikes, camps, changes the oil in her own car, eschews pretense and Type-A personalities, despises the label "Generation X," loves dark chocolate, has a flair for cooking, went to Purdue and is transfering to IU, has 5 piercings in her ears, one in her nose and one in her tongue, has the back of her head shaved, runs a dyke 'zine and spends her weekends in Bloomington indulging in wheat beers and Sambuca, goes to womyn's music festivals and listens to everything from folk to industrial punk, I don't recommend browsing to any of my other pages linked via the pictures below. Consider yourself warned :)

    Links to my other pages:

    [ My main page | Why am I called Wren? | Some pertainent info about me | My thoughts | My 'Zine ]

    Photo of me � Kim Franklin, 1995-96. Wren image � Katie Bertsch, 1996.
    All other images � Gretchen K. Wagner, 1995-1996.

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