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So What? Another Vanity Page, right? Not quite. While these pages are unabashedly about me, they are also about many other things. Why would you want to read further? Well, I've come out of multiple closets in my time. I talk about being gay and about spirituality, as well as about myself. I've taken a long time to come out. It may help others to hear my story.

Within these pages you will find discussions of the major areas that I think define me. Physically, I am a Bear. Sexually and affiliatively, I am gay. My spirituality is harder to label in a few short words. Associatively and politically, I am a Canadian. I hope that you find my stories helpful.

I'm adding all the time, just like everyone else. If you find a dead end, please use the "BACK" button on your browser to recover gracefully. Come on in and look around. I don't bite, unless asked to!


April 25, 1999: I've updated my pages, finally. I've gone through the pages once, and I'll be going through them more often now. New pages will be coming soon, too. See my What's New Page.


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