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Welcome to our cyber home!!!

We are Kevin and Donnie.

About Kevin!!!!

I am 35 years old, live in St. Louis Mo, and work for Mercantile Bank in the Trust Department.

About Donnie!!!!!

I just turned 30 the 14th of June, have lived in St. Louis for 5 years now, originally from Los Angeles CA, I work for an International Airline Ticket Consolidator.

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Gretchen Our Miniature Schnauzer

WARNING - This site is under construction! Before you enter the construction zone, make sure you have a hard on. Whoops! I mean, make sure you have a hard HAT on...you never know what might slip down on your head. This page, will undergo constant renovation, but will feature...what else...US and Men. Anyone visiting this page who is interested in becoming a "star" and modeling for us may do so by sending their .jpg or .gif picture files as an attachment to their e-mail message. Send to the e-mail address shown at the bottom of this page.
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Thanks for Stopping By!!!!!

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