Gay Hockey

I've heard both straight and gay people say, "Gay men don't play hockey!" Well tell that to the members of the International Gay and Lesbian Ice Hockey Association (IGLHA). (Check out the IGLIHA mailing list and this 1993 article on gay hockey.)

It is unfortunate that even members of the gay community maintain stereotypes of how gay men act. However, the gay community is just as diverse as the non-gay community and gay hockey is alive and well with tournaments being held regularly. Ice hockey is also an officially recognized sport of the Gay Games, a quadrennial sporting and cultural event overseen by The Federation of Gay Games.

Why do I care about gay hockey? I play for the DC Nationals, a gay hockey team based in Washington, DC. The Nationals have the distinction of winning the gold medal in the recreational division of Gay Games IV, winning the B division in the 1996 Toronto Friendship Tournament, and winning the bronze medal in Gay Games V.

Upcoming Gay Hockey Tournaments

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