Welcome to my new home here at Geocities. The housewarming is just getting underway. Invitations are never needed so feel free to drop by unannounced anytime. My name is Kevin Roland and I will be your guide on your tour today of my virtual house. The key is under the mat so I will see you inside. Below are a few things you should know about me before you enter. Don't forget to wipe off your feet. I just cleaned up and my housekeeper is on vacation!

  • My full name is Robert Kevin Roland
  • I was born on August 9th, 1973
  • I am 6'0'', 175 lbs. (1.80 m, 76 kg)
  • short dark hair, light brown hair
  • smooth swimmers build
  • piano player for 18 years
  • tuba player, singer, arranger, composer
  • college student at the University of Southern Mississippi

Do you have problems with line dancing flamingos at your place? Just click on the room below you wish to enter. You can find the contents of each room described below the house. Have fun!


LIVING ROOM - Have a seat on that new sofa and let's talk and get to know each other better. In this room, you will find out about some of my history, likes and dislikes, You can also find my opinions on hot topics. I really like deep conversation. There's a great movie on HBO! I have surround sound!

MASTER BEDROOM - Want to know what I like in the bedroom? Come on in and pull back the sheets. I have a surprise for you. Here you can find erotic facts about me as well as past and future love interests. Some real juicy stuff in here. And I am not talking about the stain on the bed! Pics too! Not of me!

KITCHEN - Find out about my favorite eats and where to get them too. Check out the recipe bin. You will find some things for Cajun cuisine and Southern specialties. Also, submit your favorite recipe. Wine and spirits included!

OFFICE/DEN - Let me tell you about school today. Updated schedule and memoirs about my life here at USM every few days. Want to write a research paper for me? Find out some of my favorite reading material here, although I highly recommend the bedroom for that, too!

MUSIC ROOM - Beethoven, Chopin, and Debussy rule in here. As a musician, let me share some of my music with you as well as awards and some of my experiences over the years.

GAMEROOM - Are you ready for some football? Check out my favorite teams on the college and pro level and my updated picks of the week. No baseball allowed here!

GUEST BEDROOM - You are welcome to sleep over. Come into this room to sign my guest book for reservations. If you are lucky, maybe you can sleep in my room!

HALLWAY OF FAME - Check out the photos on the wall in this hall. They are all mapped so loading time is at a minimum. Just click on them to see bigger and better things!

BATHROOM - Gotta freshen up or take a piss? Towels are in the cabinet.

BACKYARD - Do you like parties, get togethers, dancing, and BBQ? I have the grill going and the boombox pumping, so join me outside to find out how and where I party!

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Here is your chance to drop me a line, let me know what you think, and mail me without having to type in my address. Come back soon!

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