BIG Moustaches are MANdatory or you better cause a good double take !!

a.k.a. Fit2bTied

Stache got his U-Haul boxes, waiting on someone to make him pack for one of those week long bondage trips.

I am a 6'0" Moderately Hairy Bear 250# and Jarhead is my other half since 12/6/88.

I am a fanatic of being tied down tight and immobile, and like various things up there.

Being a resident of Allentown, PA, which has almost nothing to do, I often enjoy going to the L.U.R.E. in NYC, and can be found there usually Friday Nights, where I usually attend a NY Bondage Club or a Renegades Event before going to the L.U.R.E., and you can usually find me sporting my Trident Colors, if you know what a trident looks like, you will find me. I am a member of Trident International-Baltimore, yes,when I can attend, I drive that far for meetings. Once Allentown proves enough interest we hope Trident-Allentown will become a reality...

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Track that LATE package by EMAIL for FedEx
Jarhead, My other Half since 12/6/88

E-Male is always allowed, response may be snail--ish though!!

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