Welcome to my little niche on the Web. However you found this page, thanks for stopping by. It's kind of cool that we can all share a little of ourselves this way with people from all over the world. This is a bit about me, boring, but I hope that you also will share a bit about yourself, even if just to say hi.

I live about 1 hour outside of Los Angeles and love it here. People like to put LA down, and it has it's problems, but that aside, there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about how much I love it here. Maybe I am strange, but I feel like I am on vacation every day! From the mountains to the ocean, the city to the desert, there's something different whenever you want it. I actually live in Corona, midway between Anaheim and Riverside. Originally from Chicago, where I was born and raised, I moved to Los Angeles in 1989.

One of the things I miss most about Chicago, is running up to a local Italian Beef stand and picking up one of those great beef sandwiches. I grew up on those, and they are unheard of in California. If anyone knows a good recipe or of a place that ships frozen shipments outside Chicago, please email me. Whenever I get back Chicago, I RUN to Jay's or Luke's for my first meal!

As much as I love the midwest, I hope that Southern California will be my home forever.

This is me at the new Hollywood and Highland Center in Hollywood.

If you care...here's a few more recent pics, and a pic of my car Pictures

I have been lucky enough to have traveled all over the world.
You can reach some of my favorite places by clicking on the tour bus below.

Here are some of my favorite links:

I am a major "original" Beatles fan. I have been following them and collecting as much about them over the years as I could. I saw all their concerts in Chicago, and was even lucky enough to have met them when I was in London, so feel free to ask me about that! I have 2 John Lennon original serigraph's. Here is a pic of them:

John Lennon's 'The Family' - 19.4 K

John Lennon's 'Aisumasen-I'm Sorry'- 10.8 K

I also own an Allan Tannenbaum photograph of John and Yoko. Here's a pic of it:

Tannenbaum's 'Up Close' - 12.4 K

Click on the palette below to link to an exhibit of John Lennon's drawings:

(Due to legal problems with John Lennon's estate, this site is temporarily closed.)

For information in investing in John's art...check this site: Pacific Gallery

A few of my favorite BEATLE locations around the world!

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