Defending Liberal Western Democracy

Updated: 08 Aug, 2004

Bring Our Troops Home! Stop Bush's Reign OF Terror

The PROJECT SHMU'EL is an alternative press dealing with issues relevant to the liberal democratic ideals of the America, Israel and the greater Jewish community


The Reagan Revolution

The Worldwide Legacy of the Reagan White House in World Affiars


Trying To Fill Reagan's Boots

In that past three and a half years the American public has caught on the reality of President George W. Bush trying to model and position himself after the legacy of the former President Ronald Reagan.

Queer State of Union

Gay Marriage Rights - How the O.C. (Orange County, California) may well be a model for America

Homophobia and Anti-Semitism

"It is a striking fact that people who are anti-Semitic are so often homophobic and many who are homophobic are anti-Semitic as well."

Palestinian Nationalism

What do they want exactly? A display of PA seals and emblems that display the whole of Israel as a future Palestinian state

Palestinian Children's Role in Jenin Warfare

How Fatah and Hezbullah use children in attacks, in their own words


General Information and Statistics

Major Palestinian Terrorist Attacks Since September 2000

Palestinian Exploitation of Children

The Palestinian Authority has greatly developed use of prejudiced and martyrdom oriented textbooks in addition to state media resources being used to air educational shows encouraging martyrdom and developing military training summer camps


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