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Mindmeld's Abode
Your Mind to My Mind, Your Thoughts to Mine
Two Minds, Become One - A Single Thought
Many Hearts Beating the same Heartbeat
One and the Same In a Mindmeld -
Two minds, One Soul shared
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It's really nobody's business whom you sleep with, like it's no ones business how much money you make or what you do behind the closed door of your home. Why should I share any personal information with anyone if I don't want to do so? I don't care what people say about me, it's not their business, and they are not judge over me. My sexuality is an aspect of me but its not the whole package.  Nor do I need any groups' moral approval to live my life the way I see fit. I did not choose to be gay, its the way I am.So dont give the me "holier than thou" attitude and dont tell me what God thinks because no one can speak for God. My maker made me who I am and I am only answerable to Him alone. Having said that, please feel free to enjoy my site and leave all egos at the door before you enter.

Peace Love and Mung Beans, Baby, and Make it So!.
Since August 29th 1998 I've had over 5 million visitors here which is amazing and thats what makes this worthwhile.
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