Hullo! And welcome to the land of self-discovery. Learn the answers to life's great mysteries... How do they get the caramel inside the caramilk bar? Where's Waldo? Who's Bob? Ok... maybe not. But I -can- tell you about myself -- how's that for fair trade?

Relax... don't run off. Do a tour; click on links. I don't have much to offer, but here's your chance to learn a little about someone else in cyber land. "Forget regret or life is yours to miss" -- RENT

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Just added! A continuation to my story. Thanks to all those who have written me. (Just click here for the first part).

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                                                                                                WHO's CHEETO??

So, maybe you're asking, who is this Cheeto nut? Maybe you're not. Either way, Cheeto is... me!

CHEETO: (chee' - toh) n. Crunchy cheese snack that is fun for the whole family. 

Hi -- I'm Cheeto. I come from the hole in the universe called Eastern Canada. Eh? I'm a pure-bred Islander through and through. Laid back, friendly, and hard on the English language. Ah.. we're  not -that- bad. Ok, so we say 'slippy when wet'. I don't think it's that offensive.

Anyways, I have left the Island (Prince Edward Island that is) and am now residing in lovely Nova Scotia. Do I miss the Island? Well, sure, I miss the red dirt. ("Mr. Cuthbert! Mr. Cuthbert! Your roads... they're red!!". Actually, they -are- paved, and no, I don't have red hair *grins* -- see Exhibit A below.)

Yes, so here I am. I'm studying math at Acadia University. I have just finished my second year. I'm working towards a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Mathematics, specializing in statistics. Currently I'm working in the Math Department doing Statistics research.

Personal Information -- I'm 19, female, yes, I'm a lesbian (Read here for more about this). That's about all there is to know *grins*.

                                                                                                                      Exhibit A
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