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I take the extreme pleasure to welcome you to my Home Page, Which obviously needs a lot of re-work. I am Pratap James.  I have lit this planet for the past 30 years now. I am working with a Company called Apollo Health Street as a Team Lead. I am currently Domiciled at Hyderabad.

I never used to beleive in One Night Stands and believed that Love is Much More a Vital Factor than Lust, and apparently Love cannot be gained in just one small aquaintance. However, times have taught me that true love is a rarity and enjoy while you are here, so hey! why such inhibitions. I am basically looking for a long term relationship (however, short term aquaintances, are also welcome) A person with whom I can spend the rest of my life with. Compatibility to which is extremely important. I truly beleive that the one really special is made for every one, it is only a matter of time and efforts that one attains it. Therefore I await..............Please feel free to Email me at [email protected] OR [email protected] and probably we can strike the best deal. I also anticipate my partner to be honest and straight forward (if it is not asking for too much), and that he doesn't have much airs about self. a very down to earth personality, who beleives in what he is and what we can attain togather (eternal bliss!!!) . I can go to great extents only for the right HIM. I would like you to be around 20 to 30 and also hopefully around my height or taller, as long as you have average pleasant looks, that's all I'm asking for. hope you could have conversations about more than movies, tv, and pop music--like life and others, and if you are an enterprising professional, even better. Most importantly, since my home is for now, Hydearabad, am also willing to have a ''transnational'' relationship. I actually think having a space, then a rendezvous is often better for a relationship. if you've read this far, you should drop me a line. don't you think so? do furnish me with a visual if you can, otherwise, an eloquent verbal description of yourself.

I love tidiness and punctualilty and I despise untidiness and non-puntucality.

If you are wondering as to how I look like, Here is a glimse of me....................


So Now since you have seen me now, Please feel free to communicate what you think about me. I will be more than happy to respond to all your Emails. And incase, u wanna suggest something to me, u r welcome. I am found good at counselling too, so incase u have any grevienaces, u can very well get in touch with me, and let us see how i can help u out. Thank you very much to stop by my site. A comment from u in my guest book will be much appreciated.

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